Pay your council rates

When paying your Rates notice you only need your Reference number. Please refer to the sample bill on this screen.

Please note:
  • INSTALMENT PAYMENTS: The amount stated on the next page (Rates Payments Details) reflects the total balance owing. Please overtype this amount with the instalment amount, plus additional interest if applicable, as sought under the latest instalment notice and continue with the payment process.

  • If any details on the notice are incorrect then please provide the correct details to the City via e-mail at, in writing to PO Box 807, Fremantle WA 6959 or in person at 151 High Street, Fremantle.

  • Ensure that the correct information is entered and double check the reference number used is the same as that listed on your notice. The Council will not be responsible for incorrectly entered information.

  • Either print or record the payment receipt number as the City can not reproduce.

  • NOTE: A 0.5% surcharge applies on all credit card payments.
Example Notice

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