Direct Debit Request (DDR)

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If you have any difficulties completing this application, please call the Rates Team on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736)

Please note that you have missed the cut off to commence on 30th of August. Your payments will commence on the next weekly/fortnightly date unless the first payment has already been made

Terms & Conditions

What Am I Agreeing to Pay

  • City imposed rates, charges and Emergency Services Levy (ESL)
  • Brought forward / arrears balances from prior financial years
  • Applicable penalty interest calculated on unpaid amounts
  • Cost of the option being interest of 5.5% per annum and annual direct debit administration fee calculated within the cost of the option. No fees or overdue interest will apply for full state government rebate recipients.
  • Any costs incurred by the City as a result of the ratepayer failing to perform their obligations under this agreement
  • Any charges imposed by the City’s bank in relation to the Direct Debit Authority
  • Any charges imposed by the ratepayer’s financial institution in relation to the Direct Debit Authority
  • The payment amount calculated includes rates, charges, levies, administration fee and interest based upon the number and frequency of payments being made under the Direct Debit Request Service Authority (DDRSA) divided by the number of proposed payments.
  • The City of Fremantle reserves the right to alter direct debit amounts to cover any:
    • Increase or decrease in rates (such as Interim Rates)
    • Additional interest, costs, levies or charges payable by the ratepayer to the City
  • A confirmation letter providing 10 days’ notice will be sent advising of the revised amount
  • This agreement applies to current and future rating years until the ratepayer notifies the City in writing that the Direct Debit Service Authority is to no longer apply

How do I Pay the Rates

  • The ratepayer will pay
    • Applicable rates, charges, administration fee and levies by direct debit to the City on each payment day (cheque/savings account only); and
    • In full by the last payment date in each rating year to which this agreement applies
  • The ratepayer authorises payments to be made in accordance with the Direct Debit Request Service Authority and will not cancel the Direct Debit Authority until all applicable rates, charges and levies due under this agreement have been paid in full
  • The ratepayer may authorise payments on either a weekly or fortnightly basis on Fridays only. If the Friday falls on a public holiday, it will be processed on the next business day. The ratepayer must ensure sufficient cleared funds are available in the nominated bank account the business day prior and three business days after each payment is due

How do I Change My Direct Debit

  • The ratepayer must notify the City in writing of any change to account details by completing a new Direct Debit Authority
  • To change the frequency of a Direct Debit Authority the ratepayer must notify the City’s Rates Team in writing of the changes requested
  • When a change is requested to the frequency of the payments the City will recalculate the total amount of rates and interest payable and notify the ratepayer of the amended payment amount
  • A change is only permitted if the proposed change still results in the rates and all other payments due under this agreement being paid in full by the last payment date
  • Written advice needs to be received by close of business on the Wednesday of the payment week for amendments to take effect. The Rates Team will advise if changes cannot occur within this timeframe

Your Obligations

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds available in your nominated account to allow a debit payment to be made in accordance with the Direct Debit payment schedule.
  • Check with your financial institution whether direct debit is available from your account.
  • Ensure account details which you provide to us are correct by checking them against your bank statement
  • If there are insufficient cleared funds in the ratepayer’s account to meet a particular direct debit payment the ratepayer must arrange for the missed payment to be made by another method or request, in writing, to increase a future direct debit payment to account for the missed payment
  • The ratepayer should check their financial records to verify that the amounts debited from the nominated account are correct
  • If a direct debit fails due to insufficient funds or stopped payments, a dishonour fee of $37.50 will apply and will be debited to the ratepayers rate account
  • Early payment of the account in full does not mean the direct debit will cease. The ratepayer must request cancellation of the direct debit providing the City with at least five (5) working days notification in writing
  • Agreeing to this payment option means that your direct debit payment amount will be adjusted accordingly to ensure that the account is cleared before the end of each financial year. This means that the payment amount will automatically change each year to the new amount stated on the annual rate notice

What Happens if I am Unable to Make Payment?

  • If the ratepayer is unable to make a payment pursuant to this agreement the ratepayer must contact the City’s Rates Team by midday on the Wednesday of the payment week for a deferment of the payment to take effect
  • If a payment is deferred the ratepayer must arrange for the due payment to be made by another method or request the City to increase a future direct debit payment to account for the deferred payment
  • If no alternate arrangement or payment has been made for the deferred payment within 7 days after the payment due date the City may by notice in writing demand immediate payment of the balance and all other payments due under this agreement
  • The ratepayer may terminate (cancel) this agreement at any time by providing the City with at least 7 days notification in writing
  • If either party (ratepayer or City) cancels the direct debit arrangement, then full payment including penalty interest and charges is required immediately. Legal action may commence without further notice
  • Any overdue balances due to cancellation of this agreement will accrue penalty interest at the rate of 11.00% per annum. Interest is not applicable to fully entitled pensioners or seniors
  • If a direct debit amount payable under this agreement fails on a total of three (3) occasions during the rating year for any reason the City may, by notice in writing cancel this agreement, and demand immediate payment of the balances of rates and all other charges and levies due under this agreement. Legal action may commence without further notice


  • If you believe that a direct debit payment has been deducted from your account incorrectly, please contact the Rates Team on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736).
  • Notification of a disputed direct debit payment will be investigated. Advice of the outcome will be issued within seven (7) working days. You may also need to contact your financial institution.
  • You will be entitled to a refund if a direct debit payment has been deducted from your bank in error.

Please note

  • Rate accounts MUST be cleared by 31 May each financial year
  • Direct debiting through Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) is not available on all types of accounts.
  • If you have any queries, please contact your Bank / Financial Institution before completing the direct debit request.
  • Where the City is notified of a pending sale, your direct debit payment will be cancelled and a statement of rates issued. Any outstanding rating balance is to be paid upon settlement. Interest will not apply from cancellation date until settlement date however will commence from this date until payment in full is received.
  • The City will give you fourteen (14) days’ notice of any changes to the DDRSA Terms and Conditions.
  • The City accepts no responsibility for correspondence not being received, being received late due to postal delays, or for being illegible.
  • Arrangement will continue for each rating year unless otherwise notified in writing

Privacy of Information

  • The City takes all reasonable steps to keep information that the City has about ratepayers secure and to ensure that employees or agents of the City who have access to the information do not make any unauthorised use, modification, reproduction or disclosure of the information
  • The City will keep any information (including ratepayer’s account details) in the Direct Debit Authority confidential and will only disclose information held about the Ratepayer
    • To the extent specifically required by law
    • For the purposes of this agreement (including disclosing information in connection with any query or claim)
    • To read the city's privacy policy, please click here

To Notify the City About Anything Relating to this Agreement, the Ratepayer Should:

Mail: PO Box 807 Fremantle WA
In Person: Fremantle Oval 70 Parry Street Fremantle
Fax: (08) 9430 4634


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